"The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be
judged by the way that its animals are treated" - Ghandi


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The shelter is *desperately* in need of funds to purchase clumping cat litter. We are currently caring for over 50 cats and often spend over
$100.00 a week for litter. This is depleting our funds needed for
other expenses such as veterinary bills.

Donations of any amount to meet these expenses would be much appreciated. Please see
here if you wish to donate.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Animal Shelter
PO Box 1601, Digby, Nova Scotia

Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter is a small independent shelter located just outside of Digby, Nova Scotia Canada in a rural setting on one acre of land.  The shelter is a registered charity staffed entirely by volunteers dedicated to rescuing stray, abused and unwanted animals. 

(902) 245-2303





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