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TLC is a small independent shelter dedicated to rescuing stray, abused and unwanted dogs and cats. We are a registered charity guided by a board of directors who meet monthly.

TLC does NOT practice euthanasia and when the shelter is full we try to find foster homes until a space at the shelter becomes available.

The shelter is located just outside of Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada in a rural setting on one acre of land. In addition to the main building which houses cats' accommodation and indoor kennels for the dogs, there are outside runs for the cats leading off playrooms where they live without being caged, and a large fenced area where the dogs may exercise freely and socialize with each other. There are also several outdoor pens and houses located in shaded areas where the dogs can enjoy the outdoors.

While the shelter provides a happy environment and the best of care, our hope for each of our rescued animals is that they will eventually find a loving home of their own

Please spay/neuter your pets

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