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The shelter is very full and in addition to the cats shown below we
have many other cats waiting to be adopted. 

To see cats that we have successfully adopted to good homes please go here

Note - The Shelter is overloaded with kittens and cats of all
 ages. If you  are interested in adopting a kitten/cat and wish to visit
the shelter please call the Shelter at (902) 245-2303 for an appointment,

You may also contact us by email at If contacting
us my email please make sure to include your phone number.


  Lester  is such a sweet cat, good natured and affectionate. He loves people,  ets on well with other
cats and would be a great family (indoor) pet.




        Conway  is an appealing young male cat,  playful, affectionate and comfortable around other cats.



Vapor is a petite cat with a shy disposition, but is very affectionate once he gets to know you. Vapor would adjust best to a quiet home without young children or other animals.
 Tigger is a playful and outgoing young cat.  He is very affectionate and gets on well with other cats.

Farley  Farley is a lively boy with an inquisitive nature.  He is affectionate and gets on well with other cats, but is best suited to a household without young children.

Alfie is very affectionate, comfortable around people and other cats.

Mork and Mouse   are two males with affectionate natures who are comfortable around people and other cats.  Although siblings they are independent of each other can be homed separately if necessary.



Linus is a very sweet boy with a loving and gentle disposition.  He gets on well with other cats and would be a good family pet.

Boxer - A lively young male. Affectionate and fun-loving.

Peach  was severely neglected before she was rescued along with her sister, who sadly did not survive. Peach, however, rallied and after much TLC is now a happy, healthy cat looking for a loving home. She is affectionate, but still a little shy and would be happiest in a single cat household without young children.          

Boscoe is a big Tabby with an affectionate nature who enjoys being around people and would be a good companion.   He is not always friendly towards other cats though, and is best suited to a single cat household

Brier Brier is a very appealing cat who loves to be petted. She is quite high maintenance as her long coat can easily get matted without regular grooming. She also loves to eat and has a tendency to put on weight, so portion control is a must. But for such a beautiful cat it would be well worth the effort.                             

Soot is a handsome fellow with a glossy coat and double paws. He is very loving with people, but a bit choosy with other cats so would quite happy in a single cat household.

Scamp is an appealing young cat with an easy going personality.  He loves people, enjoys being petted and gets along well with other cats.

Petal Jan 9 2014

Petal is a beautiful, long haired young cat with unusual coloring. She is affectionate, but a little shy at first and is best suited to a quiet household without young children


Farrar is a sweet cat who loves people but is not comfortable around other cats.  So she is looking for a quiet, loving home without
other animals or young children.

Lily is a lively and appealing Tabby.  She is very affectionate towards people, but can be jealous of other cats and is best suited to a single cat household where she can have all the attention to herself.    

Amy is a pretty cat - playful, affectionate and gets on well with other cats.

Cat Run

New Cat Run

All our cats are now able to enjoy the great outdoors with the completion of a second outside run, and here some of them are having a great time exploring their new quarters.

With such a high intake of cats and kittens over the past year, a second building was converted to give them all more space. Work took place over the summer, and a big thank you goes to Erma and Bob Carlson for all their help. Erma and Bob traveled from new Tusket each week to volunteer their time, and while Erma looked after the cats Bob worked to put up all the siding on the building and help with the run. We sure miss these two who winter in Florida and look forward to having them on our team again next summer.

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