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"The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be
judged by the way that its animals are treated" - Ghandi

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  Beware of Puppy Mills

Donations Urgently Needed

The Shelter is currently facing an emergency situation. The entire
 sewer system had to be replaced and new pipes had to be
installed to drain flood waters away from the building .

The job has now been completed at a cost of $6,000.00. At this
time we do not have sufficient funds to pay the bill which is due
June 30 and also to continue to operate the shelter.

During the last year expenses have substantially increased while donations have dramatically decreased. Our feline population
 continues to grow which means more money spent
for cat food, litter, vet care etc.

This is a critical time for the shelter and any help would be
 greatly appreciated . PLEASE help us meet this expense
so we can continue to care for the animals at the shelter.

Any donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.

Please click here to see the many ways you can donate.



Our appreciation and thanks goes
 out to all our sponsors and so
 many others who have supported
 the Shelter through 2016 and
throughout all the years we have
 been in operation.

We could not have done it without you!

If you have lost or found a dog anywhere in Nova Scotia please visit the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network



Tender Loving Care (TLC) Animal Shelter
PO Box 1601, Digby, Nova Scotia
Canada B0V 1A0
(902) 245-2303

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