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The winners of TLC's first poetry contest have been picked. See who they are and read their poems by clicking here


Do you have a favourite story about your pet that you would like to share with everyone. Why not write and tell us a little bit about your pet, along with a picture, and we’ll feature a different story each week. It would be great to hear from all you animal lovers out there. You can email or use our mailing address - both can be found on the home page. Looking forward to hearing from you!


If you haven't read the amazing story of "Lucky Joe" click here to read
it now. We promise you won't be disappointed....


Our shelter is lucky to have some caring youngsters at the local school working hard to help our animals by raising funds. If you and your classmates are thinking of getting involved with your local animal shelter, perhaps you could all put your heads together and come up with some fundraising schemes of your own. Your school will very likely give you lots of support and encouragement. Now that Summer is just around the corner, Yard Sales are a safe bet - perhaps the whole school could get in on this one. Bake Sales are always popular - there are a lot of Moms out there who would be happy to help out. How about selling chocolate bars at break time - you can buy them in bulk and sell for a profit. If you want to get started and need any advice - just drop us an email and we’d be happy to help out. Good luck!!


Find out how you can help wild animals who are facing extinction. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is organising a special ANIMAL ACTION WEEK from October 2nd to 9th. This event is jampacked with activities - just visit www.ifaw.org and check out some of the great ideas.

They will send you a free Education Pack and video for your class at school. You could enter the “Design a Calendar Contest” or nominate someone for a special Animal Action Award. How about ‘adopting’ a wild animal?. This scheme is completely free of charge and you will get regular updates.

Don’t wait til October to log onto this terrific site - there is something fun all year round. Some of the activities are interactive. You can watch clips from the new “Keep Wildlife Wild” video or take part in the special interactive quiz.

All animals need our help - so don’t forget the wild ones.


Our dogs and cats LOVE visitors. Why not suggest a visit to your local animal shelter to your teacher or school. If you are in our area, just call the shelter at 902-245-2303 and we’ll make arrangements for your visit.




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