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Please spay and neuter your pets - Help
reduce the number of homeless and unwanted animals. Stop the killing of healthy dogs and cats. Approximately 60 percent of cats and 25 percent of dogs from the thousands of animals taken into shelters are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them.

The statistics are shocking. Consider, for example, that the cumulative offspring of one cat in 10 years could total over eight million. If each pet owner simply took responsibility for their own animals the killing would stop.

The benefits are many  when you spay or neuter your pet. Apart from the obvious reduction of overpopulation, he or she will be healthier and more content without the urge to roam.  Your pet will enjoy a longer, happier life and you will enjoy the companionship of a more affectionate animal.

Properly training  your dog will help your pet understand what you are expecting.  Pleasing you is a dogís main purpose in life, and by getting the message across in a way they can understand will result in a rewarding relationship for both of you.

Buyer beware - If you are thinking of getting a puppy - please consider the options very carefully.  Did you know that pet shops often support puppy mills? Are you aware that in many cases conditions in these puppy mills are filthy and inhumane? The owners care only about making money.  Puppies from these places are unhealthy and have not been properly socialized. Buying a puppy originating from a puppy mill will only encourage backyard breeding and condemn more dogs to a life of hell.

If you are considering buying direct from a breeder make sure that you inspect the premises, and receive a vets certificate and proof of pedigree. And when considering all the options, donít overlook the rewarding experience of adopting one of the many wonderful dogs patiently waiting at shelters for someone to come along and give them a chance.

Do your homework before bringing home a new pet. Weigh the pros and cons and make an educated choice. If you decide on a puppy - be prepared for anything - they donít come programmedYou will need energy, patience and commitment. Understand that a puppy may chew everything in sight, stain the carpet, want constant attention. Taking the time to train your pup will be worth every minute and you will enjoy the companionship of a well behaved and loving dog.

Research - find out what type of dog is best suited to your lifestyle. Different breeds have different needs. For example, Huskies and Border Collies are very active and are happiest in families with older children who lead an active life. If you live in an apartment, consider a small dog, and donít forget that cats make wonderful pets. Although they too need to play and be loved, they donít mind being left alone and are happy indoors. An indoor cat (spayed or neutered of course) can be very content and affectionate. Safe from traffic, predators and dangerous substances your feline companion will live a long and happy life.

For older folks, why not choose an older dog who will be less demanding. Often overlooked at shelters these deserving animals make wonderful pets for less active households. And remember, a new pet will need time to adjust to new surroundings so be patient.

Humane treatment  means more than simply providing adequate food and water. To tie a dog outside alone day after day, with no toys or human contact, is to deprive the animal of  his or her most basic needs. Dogs are like children, without any kind of play, activity or affection problems are bound to develop. Children, however, grow up. Your dog may be slow down a little with age, but will always be a child. Your pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, will never stop being dependent on you - you are all they have. 


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