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Zena June 2011Zena
Looks like a dog can be a cat's best friend as well as man's best friend. Zeus (shelter name
Emma) found a wonderful home. Her new family write "Just wanted to let you know how Zena
is doing since we adopted her in November 2010. She has settled in great and gets along
fantastically with her doggie brother ........they make great siblings.

Delila is one of the lucky ones. There are thousands of stray cats out there, starving, diseased and blinded, trying to survive through our harsh winters. But Delila, once a stray, now enjoys all the comforts of home in the heart of a loving family. Looks like she’s even taken up the piano!

DeekinDeekin (Shelter name Screech)
Here's Deekin, on the right, enjoying all the comforts of home with one of his companions. This sleek and handsome boy has come a long way from the the starving, frightened kitten who was brought to the shelter by a couple who found him scrabbling at their back door. Bedraggled and scared as he was, his voice was in good working order, hence his shelter name Screech.Once his hunger was satisfied and he got used to his surroundings though, he soon settled down and stole everyone's hearts.  His new Mom and Dad are delighted with their 'little ball of mischief' and report that Deekin is a real sweetheart who gets along with everyone. Sounds like this lovable character has really landed on his feet.
Ebony and Iris

  Iris  Iris and Ebony

The days are full and exciting for Iris and Ebony in their new home. Surfing the net scores high on their list of favourite pastimes, and then of course there's the Christmas Tree to decorate. Iris is certainly getting 'caught up' in the Christmas spirit. Adopted together, these two scamps are enjoying all the comforts of a loving home and are delighting their new Mom and Dad.






Although not related, Abby and Molly have a lot in common. They are both about 8 months old, both abandoned as tiny babies on TLC's doorstep, and then both got lucky at the same time when they were adopted into a wonderful home. Talk about the picture of contentment! 
Their new Mom writes "They are so playful!  Molly loves to look out our windows and Abbie is the explorer. When we lost our 17 year old cat, Riley, last summer I was not sure he could ever be replaced.  He still has special memories for us, but these two kittens are so unique and have lovely personalities. They are sweet girls and my son and I love them".
Charlotte and Bina
Charlotte (left) and Bina (right)
These two beauties started life as just another statistic - throwaway kittens, left on our doorstep in the night.  But happily it wasn't long before a young couple saw them and loved them from the word go.
Charlotte and Bina have a everything in life a cat could ever want, and their new Mom writes  "I am writing to express how grateful we are since we've adopted our cats from your shelter.They've brought nothing but joy". 

Better not let the other shelter cats see this one!  Elijah was at the shelter for four years, right from
a tiny abandoned kitten, until he was finally adopted.  He knew his new Mom quite well because she used to often visit him at the shelter, so he was quite happy to part with his old life and take up a whole new way of life. Hardly surprising, as we see him enjoying a life of luxury - what a pampered boy!
We were delighted to hear from a wonderful family who have adopted four animals from the shelter to join their other animals in a happy and loving home. Here we share with you Blossom, Samson, Midas and Benz
BlossomBlossom is loving her new home. She has been living at this current residence for the past two years. Her loving and active personality keeps everyone on their
SampsonSampson has been living in the same residence as Blossom for the past two years. His clown like behavior entertains the humans and other pets living in the household.
BenzBenz is fitting into his new home. He is no longer shy and has free range of the whole house. He has joined a new cat colony and has made some new feline friends to share his leather chair and treats with.

TheoTheo (shelter name Hex)
This mischievous little boy is having the time of his life.  Abandoned as a young kitten, Theo lucked out when he became part of this happy household, best expressed by these comments from his new Mom and Dad:“ Our whole family loves him and we are so excited to have him as part of our family. He is a very good cat. I believe that we have made him into a very spoiled kitten. Oh well, why not eh!” Why not indeed!
Ollie and TwisterOllie and Twister (shelter names Oliver and Twist)
From the most dismal start in life to all the comforts of their own home. These two handsome boys were two of five tiny kittens discovered in a soggy cardboard box by the side of the road in torrential rain. Writes their new mom:  "Ollie and Twister are an absolute joy, full of mischief and provide much entertainment for our three older cats.  They especially love cuddling up to Winston, our black lab also adopted from TLC"

Butterscotch - Nov 28 2008


We were delighted to get the following update telling us how well Butterscotch has settled into his new home:

Butterscotch is happy in his new home, a colony of several other cats from TLC. He has made a new friend named Mittens the kitten. He loves to play with her, they are best friends. His fur is softer and thicker and his colors are showing more. I brush him, rub his belly, and love him.  - Tanisha, 2008.


Scruff - Sep 1, 2010

Buddy Boy (Shelter name Scruff)

Here is Scruff making himself comfortable in his new home. This is a little guy who believes in getting down to business right away and staking his claim on day one.


Rosie and Josie Dec 2011Rosie and Josie

These lucky cats have found a wonderful home and are looking very pleased with themselves!! Their new family writes: ..

We went to the shelter looking for a tiger cat and ended up adopting 2 of them. They were 2 of the 3 tigers that were found up a tree behind the shelter. They even got in the Digby Courier when they were found. We have named them Josie and Rosie. They are 2 females. They love it here and we love them. We keep them inside and they are on runs outside sometimes in the summer. They even have their own "cat houses" that my husband made. We have even made a "cat condo" for them too! The TLC Animal Shelter is a great place. Thanks!

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