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Clancy and Ace - From the owners, September 2015

We adopted our first dog, Clancy, from you 7 years ago, around February 21st.  Many people wanted her, someone wanted her shipped to Ontario, but we got her.  When she left, basically all the volunteers and workers came to say goodbye, and they phoned regularly to check up on her.  Clancy was a favorite. She lived the life.

We adopted another dog a year after we got her, Ace, who also came from you. Ace and her were basically siblings, part of the pack, and they were perfect.  Everything was great.  They loved, and were loved, and still are, and they get all the attention they want and need, and are joined by another dog, and cats. They went for regular walks, trips to the beach, car rides, and spent time with the family.

Unfortunately, our happy time with Clancy ended today.  She was unresponsive, and collapsed today.  There was a tumor by her spleen, and today it ruptured, flooding her abdomen with blood.  She didn't suffer, she wasn't in pain.

 She was such an amazing dog, who was so sweet and loving, and she was loved by everyone who met her.  She was intelligent and kind.  In her older years she dozed in the sun room, and spent time on the couch with us.  She will be greatly missed with all of us.  Thank you for choosing us to adopt Clancy, she was truly a blessing.

Ace - 15 Mar 2009


We first met Bear when he was brought to the shelter one day by his owner, an elderly man who was no longer able to keep him due to ill health. It was a sad parting, but for Bear there was a happy ending. He was adopted by caring folks who live on a farm, exactly the right type of home for an active border collie.  Here is Bear out on a jaunt around the farm with his new family, enjoying a wonderfully carefree life.


Here’s Bandit, on the left, looking very content next to her new big brother. She had been neglected before we took her in and much in need of some TLC. Everyone fell in love with Bandit and it wasn’t long before she was adopted. Now she is part of a happy, caring family and loving every minute of it.


Fawn came to the shelter when she was abandoned as a puppy.  Now she is certainly making up for lost time - there’s no doubt who’s the boss in this picture. She is much loved by all her new family, even the cat.


Sprocket and Suzy QSprocket and Suzy Q
Thanks to a wonderful family who opened their hearts and their home to not just one dog from TLC, but two, Sprocket and Suzy Q are having the time of their lives together. Sprocket (on the left of the picture) is a perfect little gentleman, who was found wandering and never claimed. Suzy Q had suffered through hard times as a stray before she was finally rescued, surviving a car accident and foraging in garbage cans in her desperate search for food. At night she sought shelter from the cold by creeping into an empty doghouse when it’s occupant was taken into the house. Once she was at the shelter, however, this lovely girl thrived on all the care and attention and was soon on her way to a whole new life.

Happiness is a home of your own! Meet Enuk, one contented boy. This great dog, formerly a stray, was at the shelter for 18 months before the right family came along, and when they did it was love at first sight. Enuk is now part of a caring household, where he can romp and play with the kids. He is now what he has always wanted to be - just one of the boys.


Those of you who regularly click onto our site will have read about Bones, his life of abuse, his rescue and finally his ‘happy ending’. To recap for newcomers, we can tell you that Bones was a pitiful site when he arrived at the shelter, much in need of a huge dose of TLC. He had been abandoned, tied behind a house with no food or water, when his owner left town. When a neighbor discovered him he was in very bad shape. He was starved, painfully thin, covered in pellet wounds and had sores on his neck where a chain had bitten in. His spirit, however, was not broken and he responded well to a long period of rehabilitation. When he was finally ready for adoption Bones was a healthy, happy dog.

Visitors to the shelter included a couple who had previously adopted two TLC dogs and had brought their son, who was visiting from Toronto, with them. One look at Bones and their son was smitten; indeed the feeling was mutual.. He wanted to adopt Bones there and then, but of course there are formalities to go through, all of which take time and he left for Toronto without Bones. But he couldn’t keep away, and before long was back to visit this great dog, take him for walks and generally spend time with him. Finally, details finalised, the adoption went through and Bones and his new companion were off to start their new life together. After all he’d been through it would be unfair to subject Bones to air travel, so he went by road, a trip carefully planned to make him as comfortable as possible.

Bones deserves all the love and attention he is now enjoying. We hope to receive some pictures of him in his new home which we’ll share with you in due course.

Update, November 2005 - What a delightful surprise when Bones came to visit us at the shelter. The picture of health and happiness, he and his owner are devoted to each other - talk about a match made in Heaven! So well cared for is this lucky Pooch that no kennels were good enough for him when his owner went on holiday, so together they traveled from Toronto so that Bones could be looked after by Granny and Grandpa in Digby

They come in the night to dispose of their animals. Once a pet, now a throwaway.. Winston was one such abandoned dog, discovered in the morning tied up at the shelter, frightened and bewildered. It wasn’t long, however, before this beautiful dog found a loving home. Today he is a happy family member, and this good natured lad doesn’t mind sharing with three bossy cats.


This picture leave no doubt that Rambo is happy, happy, happy in his new home. The kids adore him and looks like the feeling's mutual. This lucky lad goes for a walk twice a day, gets to sleep with kids at night and goes everywhere with the family. He sure had a great summer with lots of camping and visiting. Wow, what a great life.


Once Sandy was just a statistic. Another abandoned dog, nameless, skinny and scared, tied up at the shelter overnight. Then along came Gary and Sherryl Hartlen and it was love at first sight all the way around. Here is she is now, one lucky girl, relaxing after her long daily walk with her new Dad. How much she is loved is best expressed by Garry and Sherryl themselves:

 ”After 6 months of searching dog rescue sites looking for that very special pooch we came across the shelter in Digby. As a result we now have Sandy, a two-year old Golden Retriever/NS Duck Toller mix.....and what a blessing she is! Awesome Dog!”
ChanceChance (Shelter name Texas)
The name change says it all. This gentle German Shepherd has been given the chance of a happy life in the heart of a loving family. When he was first brought to the shelter as a stray he was a sorry sight, very thin with a dull matted coat. Now he sits proudly in his new home looking the picture of health. TLC receives glowing progress reports from his new Mom and Dad, who describe Chance as their ‘pride and joy’.

MollyMolly (Shelter name Cracker)
"Will this rain ever stop so I can go for my walk". Here's Molly, a little girl who has found happiness in a loving home, where she has her new Mom and Dad all to herself. Molly was abandoned by her owner when they moved away, left behind without food or shelter. Rescued by a neighbour, she was brought to the TLC and before long won the hearts of Andy and Wendy who are delighted with their little 'love bug'.

GeorgeMeet George, one of the best looking seniors around. Must be all the love and care he’s been lapping up. As a stray, life was not always so rosy for George. He was found wandering and picked up by Dog Control. Unwanted, nobody came looking for him, but when he was adopted in October 2002 he struck lucky with a wonderful family. Now 13, George takes life slow and easy, especially in the cold weather when he rarely stirs from the couch. His new Mom and Dad write “George is our kids’ first pet - and he has made a great one. We are so glad that we found him and were able to give him a loving home”.

Update. January 4, 2006 - Sadly George has passed away but his memory lives on in the hearts of all who knew him.

Sandy - Aug 4 2009
Sandy (Shelter name Misty)
No doubt about this love match! Here's Sandy a couple of weeks after she was adopted looking like she's found Heaven. Her new Mom and Dad tell us she is a very good girl and is learning fast.  She's well behaved in the house and her Dad takes her for training walks around the house without a leash. Pretty good for a youngster who was ignored and neglected as a pup until we rescued her, along with her whole family.  Looks like this is one very happy ending.

Dove - Success StoryDove
From neglected puppy to pampered pooch, Dove has got it made. She was rescued as a young pup along with her Mom, 2 sisters and 1 brother from a home where there was no proper care and the future looked grim. Happily, they have all found loving homes and Dove has settled right in with her new family, which includes two other dogs. Her happiness is best expressed in a recent email:
"My new family is crazy about me. They just love to give me kisses and take me for walks. I sleep with my Dad and Mom at night and we listen to "Green pastures - its got all sorts of different critter sounds. My new sisters, Candy and Anna, seem to like me too. They are older than me and can't play as long, but thats OK - we enjoy each others company"

.......Lucky girl!
Crumpet and Molly

Crumpet and Molly (Shelter names Mikey & Diamond).

These two friends have finally found someone to love and care for them after a cruel start in life.

 Crumpet (left of picture) was severely abused as a puppy before he was rescued and brought to the shelter, where he stole the heart of one of our volunteers. In no time this gentle little guy went from a horrible life of daily abuse to a home filled with love and happiness.

Soon he was joined by another shelter dog, Molly, who was rescued along with her 4 pups from a home where nobody cared about them. This little family were very neglected and the future looked bleak. Once at the shelter however they all found wonderful homes, and Molly eagerly joined Crumpet in their new life together.   

Their new Mom writes “In 2004, my two old dogs, Ha’penny and Budge, were sent to Heaven, and the Angels then dropped Crumpet and Molly into my lap.  These two sweet creatures have brought incredible joy and happiness to my life - even if they do occupy more than half the bed!”


Mocha The following is a letter from Mocha's new family:

"We knew we had birds around but didn’t realize how many until Mocha came to live with us. She sees them all, of course, since she’s a Springer Spaniel. For the first little while, taking Mocha for a walk was more tiring for me than for her. She was so excited to be in a new place, in the country, with so many new smells and lots of creatures to pursue. With some training for both of us and some settling into her new home over the last several weeks, she’s doing really well, rarely jumps up on visitors anymore and she’s such a joy to our whole family.

The kids have really taken to her and would give her treats all the time if we let them. Of course, when they do, she gladly obliges with a gentle nibble at their fingers and thank you kisses and nuzzles as often as she can get one in among their giggles and screams of delight. She’s also become very attached to us and follows me around constantly, even from one end of the room to the other!

We’ve really gotten to know what Mocha likes and dislikes too. Of course, she loves long walks, a good bone every other day, a comfy dog bed where she snores, peanut butter, rides in the car, big trucks, chasing cats, sloshing in the brook and having baths. Dislikes? Plain dry food, having her ears brushed and cleaned, and especially the vacuum cleaner. As soon as the vacuum comes on, Mocha runs upstairs and squishes herself under my son’s little bed. There she stays until the vacuum is turned off. She’s such a character and we love her very much. We look forward to many wonderful years with our beautiful Mocha."

Note from the Shelter: Dear Mocha passed away on May 10, 2011. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to her family and may they take comfort in the fact that they gave her such a wonderful "forever home".

JackJack (shelter name Surf)
Nobody came looking for Jack when he was picked up by Dog Control, and sadly he ended up as just another unwanted animal. But not for long!. Soon after he came to TLC he found a wonderful home with people who loved him from the moment they set eyes on him. Here Jack (in the foreground) sits contentedly with his new companion a few days after being adopted - no doubt about this happy ending.


Dolly (shelter name Twiggy)
Dolly’s new Mom knew as soon as she walked into
the shelter that this lovely dog was the one for her.
She had been searching for some time for just the right companion, and as she told us a few days after the adoption ‘Dolly is definitely what I’ve been waiting for’. Once a dog that nobody wanted and whose days were numbered, she is now one very happy girl and a treasured member of her new family. Here she is enjoying a life of freedom in the great outdoors.


Lazy days of summer are upon us, and Screech is making the most of it all in her wonderful new home. From a little stray dog who nobody wanted to a much loved family member, it has been quite a journey for her.  Her new Mom tells us that “Screech is doing really well.  She loves riding in the car, and especially likes getting her hair brushed. She is very obedient and listens well, and is very sociable” This was a few days after getting adopted - so no trouble feeling right at home from day one.
Blue (formerly Roddy)Blue (fomerly Roddy)
Blue was abandoned at the shelter - just tied to a tree and left. But luckily this handsome fellow soon found a loving home. Shortly after being adopted we got a long email from Blue - here are some extracts:

 I really like my new home.  My new Mom is very happy with me and she is spending a lot of time teaching me my door yard boundries and to walk on on  my lead. I am also learning not to jump on visitors and to sit and come when called. I’m not bragging but I am a fast learner and I’m told I”m a good boy many times a day. I have my own bed in Moms room and I really like to play with all my new toys. Oh my - I had so many wood ticks on me when I first arrived here - Mom lost count after 31, but now my coat is beginning to shine from the all the brushing. I have found 2 doggie friends and Mom takes me walking with them, and I am learning to be polite in company. Life is good!!  Thank you for letting me go live with my new Mom, family and friends.

Max and friend
From a sad little neglected puppy to a big boy having the time of his life. Here's Max - and wow! has he grown. According to his new Dad, he's not there yet. To quote from a recent email: "Max is doing great. He is a ball of energy and still growing. The vet says there might be some Great Dane in the boy!  We have moved to the shore and the dogs enjoy runs on the beach almost every day. We are very glad to have him as part of our family".

When Carrie first came to the shelter she was very scared and nervous, exhibiting all the signs of abuse. With lots of  TLC and gentle encouragement, this gutsy little girl gradually learnt to trust and stole the hearts of Colin and Jan, her new Mom and Dad. Here she is, full of joy, playing’ fetch the stick’ in her new home which is so full of love. Now this adorable dog has a chance to discover that life really is worth living.


The look says it all - this is the life!  This sweet little dog, once homeless and unwanted, is now a much loved family member in her new home.  Say her Mom and Dad: “She is such a wonderful little doggy - we both just love her. She’s added so much to our little family and we are both so grateful to have this wonderful joy in our lives”  No doubt the feeling is mutual.


Scooter and Friends
Here is Scooter (on the right) looking extremely pleased with himself - and well he might! This lucky boy has been adopted into a wonderful home where he will have loads of freedom, love and companionship. Sounds like his new family are pretty pleased too - here's what they have to say:
"Just thought we'd send an email to let you know that Scooter has been wonderful and fitted in so well, and so quickly into our household.  He is a wonderful, loving dog who is so keen to please and quickly learning the rules of our household.

Attached is a picture of him, Scratch, Penny & Dylan (all rescue dogs brought with us from the UK).  Thank you for letting us have such a lovely dog!"
Kind regards
Barb & Ian Haynes
Heidi (shown on the left) is a lucky girl and she knows it!  Here she is cuddled up with her best friend. Along with this great picture comes news from her adoptive family to share with you:

"When we adopted Heidi we were told she had been abused and she certainly exhibited signs. She had extreme anxiety, was very frightened of loud noises and always seemed to expect to be hit.  It took almost a year for her to realize she was safe, loved and at home. She still holds some of these bad experiences with her (I suppose she always will) but she is now active, curious and very much a spoiled baby (which is how we like her!)  She has her own bed, though she and her 'brother' Bouboule seem to think it's our bed.  Those two are like book ends!  At supper time, I put down 2 bowls - Heidi and Bouboule each take turns eating from the same bowl!  When the first one is done, they move to the second bowl!  no rushing or pushing ....I can't get them not to share!  We thank the TLC Animal Shelter very much for bringing our baby girl into our lives - she has added much joy, laughter and love"

SadieSadie (shelter name Sarah)
Sadie  wasted no time in settling into her new life and within a few days had established her place as one of the family.  Here is an update to share from her new

"Just a quick note to let you know that Sadie is settling in really well. She has SOOoooooo much personality and she brings so much joy into our home. In the past week, she has gone from being afraid of the car ( drag and lift was involved last Friday when we picked her to ) to recognizing "wanna go in the car?" and jumping in. She sits on command. She knows "off." She does not like to walk on pavement or sidewalks but she does well walking in the park or at the cabin( if you drive her there) She is still really nervous in the water but that will come.

One of our cats will tolerate her at close range but the other cat still gives her a wide berth. At night, we let her decide where to sleep ( few nights of wandering around) and she has decided to sleep on "her blankey" next to Daddy's side of the bed. She has a Kermit the frog stuffed toy that she drags in to bed with her at night - it is quite funny. All 4 kids simply adore her and praise her to the nth. She is a wonderful addition to our family!!"

MaggieMaggie (shelter name Glory) certainly looks as smug as a dog can look. And so she should. From an unwanted little stray much in need of TLC, she has landed in the lap of luxury. On day one in her new home she wasted no time in heading straight for the couch and settled down as if she'd always lived there, much to everyone's amusement.


A letter from Cheyenne's new family was full of good news, telling how well she has settled in and how happy she is.

"Cheyenne has won the hearts of all of us here, and most important is her bond with Glen. She is his best friend - it's like she has always been with him, and she follows him everywhere. She gets along very well with the two labs and they spend hours playing outside. And she certainly knows where the treats are. We want to thank you - Cheyenne is a very special little dog"

For this lucky dog every day must feel like Christmas since he got adopted by a wonderful family. From a neglected little guy to a much loved family member, here's Clifford relaxing with his new toy rabbit on Christmas Day.

TaylorTaylor (posted June 29, 2008)
Abandoned and left alone in the apartment when his owner moved out, Taylor was rescued in the nick of time and has now found happiness in a home overflowing with love. Here he is, on the left, with his new best friend Freckles who took the new boy under his wing from day one.


DudleyDudley (posted November 16, 2008)

Dudley was once unwanted and unloved, until a retired couple came along and knew he was the companion they had been searching for.  He is now one of the family enjoying all the comforts of a loving home, as well as having the time of his life at the cabin. The simple statement by his new owner says it all "Dudley is a great friend".


Tyke - Mar 15 2009Tyke (posted March 15, 2009)
Tyke has had a long bumpy ride through life, but now her ship really has come in. Tyke arrived at the shelter as an unwanted little stray - was adopted once and then had to return to the shelter when her new owner became ill. Tyke waited patiently all through the Summer and Fall for her second chance, and then in January along came a wonderful lady called Beulah who loved Tyke from the moment she set eyes on her. Now Tyke is living a life of luxury with the best care of dog could have. Tyke is the centre of Beulah's life and they are inseparable.. Tyke is relishing every minute of it. What dog wouldn't!
Chloe August 2009Chloe (Shelter name Aneesa) posted August 30, 2009

Chloe was on borrowed time at the Pound, when she was taken into the shelter and in no time found a loving home where she is thriving.

An update from her new family tells us:

"Chloe is doing great. She is just sweet and all she wants is love. She doesn't want us out of her sight. She loves to play, has lots of toys and goes to Doggie Daycare every Tuesday to get used to other dogs. She loves going for walks, sitting on the deck watching everything or settled in her own chair by the window.

We made a great choice with Chloe and love her to death. She is the perfect girl for us.

We wish you much success and, again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The house is now alive again.

Lolly Oct 4 2009Lolly wasted no time in settling into her new home and lapping up all the love and attention. A few days after she left the shelter we received a glowing report from her new family. They write ....."Lolly is doing great. She loves her new yard and the walks around the neighbourhood, and really loves Point Pleasant Park walks She is a very well behaved dog, and loves to sleep in bed with us and give us tongue baths in the morning. We are enjoying her very much."

Frisco Oct 4 2009This is certainly a 'happy tail" Frisco (shelter name Bolten) is having a wonderful life with his new family who sent this recent email:

"Frisco has proven to be a blessing to our family. He is a DOLL. Loves to greet everyone with a stuffed animal - in fact still has his teddy bear he brought from the shelter! Not to mention a few more favourites - uuhhmmmmmm- just a few!

He lays with his legs out behind him like a frog swimming. Always puts a smile on our faces, and even though he has cleared the coffee table a few times with that tail - we LOVE him to pieces! Thanks for letting us bring him home to become one of our family members. Our other dog Joey (a 12 lb poodle cross) thinks the world of him too.
Barcley Jan 20 2010Barcley

Every day is like Christmas for this appealing little guy now that he has found a great home. His new family tell us that he settled in from day one, and is enjoying every moment of his new life.

Marley Mar 11 2012Marley

From a skinny and scared little stray to a happy and contented family member, Marley is one lucky pooch! Her new family write :

"Well, Marley has been with us 7 days and she grows more comfortable with each passing one. The world has a lot of serious surprises and Marley is having to learn that everything is not going to harm her, but she is making great progress.
She has met many dogs in the neigbourhood on her walks and is truly a gregarious little rascal. Mavis the Doberman who was afraid of Marley - not even Angus the bull mastiff  pup - probably 125 pounds deterred her. She gets very excited when we show her her walking coat and harness  and has been perfect around the house - no mistakes!
Marley has met the grandchildren and she actually loves little people - no threat!
Eating reasonably well, getting lots of exercise - boy is she quick on the end of the 16 foot lead! In the evenings, she looks forward to sitting on Annabelle's lap in the big chair for - well hours!
I think Marley is realizing that life can be beautiful."

GG (Good Girl) 26 Feb 13GG (Good Girl)   Shelter name "Puddy"

An email from GG's new family:

In April 2008, we adopted "GG" (she's a "Good Girl"!), a dark chocolate Lab Doberman cross with a cropped tail. She was known as "Puddy" at your shelter along with her sister Ruby. Her original owner neglected them both, and the Town of Digby evicted the owner and seized the dogs. She then was adopted by a family near Windsor.

Sadly, that family underwent a divorce and the wife could not keep "Puddy." The husband was bitter, and threatened to "put a bullet" in 'Puddy's' head, because she would not leave, no matter how many times he left her outside hoping she'd wander away for good. Thankfully, he was reasonable enough to finally take her to the Windsor Shelter. And that's where we met her.

She was 3 at the time. We were her 3rd home in 3 years.

She is the most amazing dog I have ever met!! GG and I and the 3 cats (the cats she and I are subservient to haha) live on a beautiful acreage in Mineville, NS. She just turned 8 in December, and is doing great!! Very happy and wonderful dog, I could not have imagined a more perfect pet for our family.

I just wanted to thank you for all that your organization does in rescuing animals in Nova Scotia. I have attached recent photos to show that your work really pays off in much joy. GG has a happy home for the rest of her life.... I am sure there are hundreds of other great success stories out there, thanks to you folks.

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